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May 13, 2008, 8:45 am
Filed under: Official business, Photos

I picked up my working-holiday Visa today! woohoo! It’s really easy to get one, so just follow the steps and you’ll be on your way working at some remote ramen store in the middle of no where.


LOL @ the pic right. I know I know. I took it randomly one day at those machines and it prints out in 4 minutes or something. I needed it for co-op application and I couldn’t find any other pix so I just sent this one in with my application. Who knew they’d put it on the Visa.

I look too damn happy.

I’m leaving on Wednesday!!!!!! So scared yet a bit more excited now.

I think today (since its 1:43 AM) will be kinda crazy.

I’ll miss you all.

Here is a random picture from a fun night which I dont know if I’m allowed to post the photos of.

yeah i probably will, soon HAHA.

and yes i will have MSN and internet access while I’m in japan =) so please talk to me as I will be jetlagging!


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AHHHH! So excited for you 😀

You’ll be one hour behind me when you get to Japan! Haha

Comment by Leanne


How long are you in Japan for? Hope you have lots of fun!!! It sounds so amazing i’m jealous !

Comment by Karen Geung

what the i thought you already left…guess not hey find out how much a wii is over there

Comment by bwarrh

awww you look soooo happy in your visa photo!! XD
it’s a happy journey!!! =D lol
incase i dont get around to talking tou you later tonite…
keep in touch~~~<3
(bag me home a host XD) LOL

Comment by cat

LOL your visa pic is so great. So excited!

I’m so glad i finally got internet soon enough to say GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!! ★♪゜+。(@´艸`@)。+゜♪★

Comment by Jen

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