i dont know what this is

May 15, 2008, 5:40 pm
Filed under: Complaints

hey! i’ve landed

it was hell getting from the airport to back home. i took so many different trains and had to climb up and down with suitcase! i wonder how i will last when i am leaving.

which i am thinking about.

for some reason, it’s not nearly as fun as i thought it’d be.

but it’s only one day right.

but i think im mostly angry / frustrated because my net doesnt work here so im on my cousins computer which has very weird keys.

and their electricity plug thing is only 2 pronged i need to go buy a 3 pronged one for my laptop.

but yeah.. i’ll stick it out for a bit longer.

but if it’s really really not that great. im gonna pack up and go home.

lol~~ sorry im such a wuss.


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in august!
and omfg emma i have so much freaking crap to tell you. !@#$

Comment by carol

NO EMMA!! You can do it! Just give it a chance…I’m sure you will get used to it…I’m like that too…I get home sick really quickly…but then afterwards, I’m glad I went through it cause it ended up being fun and it was a good experience~

Comment by Lorik

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