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walking till I die
May 22, 2008, 5:50 am
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Okay, god bless google, without google, where would i be?! But yeah anyways.

Everyone in Japan rides these, in China as well. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

can you see me? I love these mirrors! they are pretty useful because the roads are so narrow.

Osaka Stussy. I realized I was in beast territory when I started seeing people wear Nudies.

It’s not Japan without A bathing Ape. i looked too much like a hobo to go in. It’s designed like a bathroom? LOL, white tiled walls.

And it’s not Japan with out Sanrio store.

Lots of Pachinko places around.

Comme Des Garcons for you big spenders. There was a wallet that I really liked ; ^ ; EXPENSIVE!!!



I’m not a huge fan of Hysteric Glamor, but I thought someone might be?

er, eye candy break?

I want a bike like this.

everyone takes pictures of this thing, I dont know why.

heres a bunch of people taking pics of nothing really.

What else did I see, Lowrys Farm, supreme, Agnes B. and etc etc. I walked around so much it’s bloody insane. My converse are still in good shape but my feet may not be.

it’s time to rob a bank, thanks.


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i wanna go!!!
….all those stores are sooo expensive though…Orz haha~

Comment by cat

and share your wealth! =)

Comment by carol

please don’t rob a bank, i dont want to see your name on the news “canadian woman robs japanese bank for shopping spree funds” …..shame

Comment by linna

i love those photos. 😀

Comment by eric

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