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May 28, 2008, 10:18 pm
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Just chilling at home, watching Ugly Betty, random Taiwanese dramas and HOUSE. For that one episode when House’s leg was fine, for some reason I was kind of bored..

My stomach medicine, due to lack of pepto-bismol, just bought what the pharmacist recommended. Seems generic enough. Tiny tiny tiny bottle.

For the past 2 days, I’ve had nothing but congee, and bread, at least I pulled out my wallet and went to the bakery to buy some what fresh bread, the bakery’s tiny and it’s called LONDO BELL, I think maybe it’s suppose to say London Bell. But they already printed their plastic bags.

So Jen said instant spaghetti should be good. It’s pretty cheap, a bag like this is about 138 yen and very fast to cook. I couldn’t find the mama brand.

Finished product, looks nothing like the picture eh, that’s what I thought. But it tastes alright, but MAMA brand is no Chef Boyardee.

This was one of the breads I had last night. I didnt know it was filled with custard, but it still tasted pretty good, else I would be throwing up all over the place now. Okay, this is an important message, so listen up closely, the cheeks and nose on this dude is BAKED ON! Like, it wasn’t made separately then stuck on! How did they get the burned color? Now this dessert item was probably designed towards children, suggesting it is okay to be eating peoples faces. My wit is lagging due to sickness. . . .

Ai Otsuka on July (HOLYCRAP JULY, it’s end of May now) SOUP.

I’ll try to start going outside soon … Got work tomorrow!


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Baked Anpanman!!!

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