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June 2, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Last night was the welcome and good bye party at Kushitaro~ Welcoming me, and saying good bye to Oni-san. DO YOU SEE ME?!

It was fun, and we had Korean styled BBQ? Although it wasn’t really, it was suppose to be like teppanyanki? I had lots of delicious wine and Chu-HI LOL~~ I didn’t take pictures of the food because I felt way too fob. LOLLLSORRRYPEEEPSSS!

Also they kept asking me who I think is the best looking. So I took a picture, so please rate LOL.

1. Takepi 2. Nishikawa 3. Arita 4. Ryohei 5. Fujimoto 6. My boss aka Master-san

Okay I dont have much else to say, except that it was fun and I had fun ~~

Er and I got my first envelope full of cash, 9600 yen! For 12 hours YESS WHAT CAN I BUY WITH IT HMM


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i must say…1 is pretty good looking.
3 and 4 is too
and who is hottest?
i think 6 LOL

Comment by carol

oh yea, i agree: NUMBER SIX SURE IS A HOTTIE *DROOLS* lol >] how much is 9600 yen?

Comment by linna

i love his pose in picture one, very relaxed and sexy >]

Comment by linna

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