i dont know what this is

June 9, 2008, 5:24 am
Filed under: Electronics, Photos, Shopping

A few days ago I was bored out of my mind sitting on my ass and going through withdrawl because House was downloading and there was nothing to watch but maybe Ugly Betty. Which I enjoy if I am high or drunk (kidding about this part).

Anyways, I decided that my trip here, is to experience Japanese youth, meaning I try to be like Japanese youth of my age, doing what they do? I was really getting no where until today, I bought my cell phone!? It was so much cheaper than I expected so I am happy, however I still don’t have a phone number / email address because I am under 20 and I need an adult to guarantee for me so tomorrow I’ll go ask my boss at my work place.

When I know my number / email feel free to flood me with emails, because apparently emailing on this thing is unlimited!

This is the Softbank 705Px made for PREPAID cellphones only, I bought it at Family Mart, some konbini store, I was pretty surprised since even SoftBank locations don’t carry it.

This phone by Japanese cell phone standards is pretty before millennium I feel, it only has a 2MB pixel camera, although TWO CAMERAS! wOAH for video phone, and TV and internet and what not. But, it’s screen is smaller than the usual ones I’ve seen but seriously it’s more high tech than anything I’ve seen in Vancouver.

Soon I’ll be on my way to emailing mad fast like Hachi (If you don’t know who Hachi is, shame on you). I think I’ll be getting the full youth experience lol…

Yes okay, other pix, my new favorite tshirt because people stare at me with it, I wonder why, I get a lot of nasty looks from older folks. TEHEHE.

This was peculiar…



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omgg ur cell is hella nice~!! =D

i want a purple elephant out of my balcony//window too XD~~~

Comment by cat

hey, i saw your post up on the wdywt thread on hypebeast.

whatta coincidence. but anyways, what part of japan are you in? i’m in yokosuka on the navy base, goin to high school. it looks like you’re down in osaka though.

Comment by Victor

wow….even their cheaper phones are nicer than the ones in canada…this is kinda sad. looking for a 2nd job?

Comment by linna

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