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not a chef’s life
June 23, 2008, 11:22 pm
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One of my duties while being in Japan is probably trying out every time of instant foods there is. I think instant food is sub par in North America. In japan, there are so many different type of instant food, and the word instant is much more defined here. Pretty much everything you buy in the freezer aisle can be prepared with ONE APPLIANCE. It looks like a microwave, it functions like a microwave but it does so much more. It’s their version of the oven, it does everything. The only con of this appliance is that it doesn’t rotate, the food just sits there while being heated.. .

This is today’s creation, it could be cooked in the aforementioned appliance, but, the picture made it look crispy so i pulled out the frying pan.

So far so good…

This is what happens when you try to flip a frozen piece of chinese/japanese pie with onions using chopsticks. It breaks in half.

This is what it ended up looking like in a bowl. It even came with sauce! Spicy / vinegar / soy sauce all in one ?

Then I tried making chicken… mind you this was pre-seasoned so I just have to fry it up. But it has been sitting in the fridge for a while so I was afraid that it’ll go bad so I stuck it in the freezer. This is what happens if you don’t thaw your meat!

I ended up with a mouth full of uncooked meat, I am extremely scared of uncooked meat. After learning all that in microbiology, I am extremely careful, much rather eat overcooked, wood tasting chicken than fleshy chicken. I spat it out of course…

Final product, chicken on top with mysterious pie on the bottom. It tasted okay, I finished 89% of it, the rest is sitting lovely in the kitchen as I procrastinate on the dishes and cleaning..


This house across the street does laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!


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i like how you’re taking pictures (and spying) on your neighbours.

Comment by carol

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