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So much walking
May 18, 2008, 5:33 am
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Today I finally got a chance to go into the city. I always had assumed that Osaka is Osaka the city. Apparently Osaka is also like a state. And there are various small cities in it. Today I got to go to Osaka city. Like NYC in NY. Kind of. I was so confused for so long. The reason for going into the city was to go to stupid Gap for the job thing. So I work at Banana Republic in Canada. And my manager was so enthusiastic talking about working at the Gap in Japan. I felt really mis-treated today. So I had called in this morning and then the manager was apparently in a meeting so they wanted to call me back which was fine. But maybe 3 hours went by and there was not a phone call. So I decided to go down there with my cousin, but of course my cousin ditched me for her friend and left me, which was fine. I’m not complaining I’m just saying since we dont really get along @__@. So yeah. I went down to the store and I talked to some random staff and they were like, oh wait please. So I waited probably at least 45 minutes to hear that the manager isn’t in, would I like to talk to another manager. So of course I said yes. So there’s more waiting. Me and my North American ways of being impatient, was of course getting increasingly impatient. And then someone came to talk to me. The sad thing was, I saw that person talking casually with another work staff. It was really inconsiderate of them. The manager that was working there, which I wish I got the name of, was kind of mocking me. We talked for a while, but she had no signs of wanting to give me an interview or just make me go home. So I just said it’s fine, I dont mind if you dont end up hiring me.

But yeah, so all she said was in the end, I’ll take your number and she will call me. Which means, she won’t.

Okay, pictures time! Hey look, that guy that was in many dramas lol..

What I had for dinner last night. Niku – udon. It was 540 yen. So about $5.50.

A takoyaki stand! There was a long line, so naturally I got in the line.

A closer look.

Final product! 6 for 320 yen.

Went to Uniqlo to pick up some tshirts. I got lost, then I asked some random lady carrying a UNIQLO bag.

Sorry my face looks swollen for some reason.

Instant curry, 88 yen. Heat up with rice and eat!

Final product!


May 15, 2008, 5:40 pm
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hey! i’ve landed

it was hell getting from the airport to back home. i took so many different trains and had to climb up and down with suitcase! i wonder how i will last when i am leaving.

which i am thinking about.

for some reason, it’s not nearly as fun as i thought it’d be.

but it’s only one day right.

but i think im mostly angry / frustrated because my net doesnt work here so im on my cousins computer which has very weird keys.

and their electricity plug thing is only 2 pronged i need to go buy a 3 pronged one for my laptop.

but yeah.. i’ll stick it out for a bit longer.

but if it’s really really not that great. im gonna pack up and go home.

lol~~ sorry im such a wuss.