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shopping = trouble
June 13, 2008, 9:15 pm
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Oh wells, troubles can be dissolved.

I had so many things to say yesterday but now I forgot them ALL! Sigh, okay I am going to start writing things down or emailing them to myself.

Things such as, how people hang out at cafes till 1 am to study? I find it kind of rude that people do that since aren’t there other customers? but maybe it’s alright because there are more cafes than people?

shopping was funnnn!!! by myself even though, it was still funnn!

The zebra stripes makes me feel so urban, I wanted to catch a photo where the people was packed, but they walked faster than i can pull out my camera.

When i got out of the station, I was trying to get to this super huge shopping place? Which consisted mostly of electronics, very exciting by the way, nerds everywhere. but the laptops were beautiful!!! They had the most amazing tablets.

I got lost on the sky pedestrian bridges, for 30 good minutes. It was blazing hot too.

After finally obtaining all 3 items for winney. I was so hungry =_= I actually wanted the set meal, maybe the cashier didnt hear me T____T But this was good too! Kansai styled Omurice, it has that flaky stuff on takoyaki.

then went shopping for useless things that I LOVE!!! i don’t have money for food but I can buy this…

I kept wondering if this was suppose to be that scary baby on the mayonnaise bottles but it’s cute and well crafted so I bought it. . DONT JUDGE ME! At least I didn’t collect them all yet.

This is the tshirt collection, there’s also the fruits on the head collection but I like tshirts so much.

@ the store where I bought all the useless but wonderful things, they have displays of toys! Like miniature versions of real edible things.

okay I have like no witty things to say today, so more pics woohoo!

( commercial break )

( end commercial break )

BONUS! Crappy quality picture from my cell phone, they sell the mugs from LAST FRIENDS (the drama) It was like $20, insane! they only paid $10 in the drama for this ;__;

I also spent a lot of time at bookstores yesterday, I really like the bookstores in Japan because everyone can read without being disturbed? The books are beautiful. I love the design books, there are quite a few I want but I have no money for right now. i think maybe before I leave I’ll go back and buy them.

Makes me wanna quit school and buy a tablet and be a cool free lance designer that sips coffee and hangs out at bookstores all day!

sent / received 150 emails in one day! good job, on my way to becoming a japanese 16 year old girl


June 9, 2008, 5:24 am
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A few days ago I was bored out of my mind sitting on my ass and going through withdrawl because House was downloading and there was nothing to watch but maybe Ugly Betty. Which I enjoy if I am high or drunk (kidding about this part).

Anyways, I decided that my trip here, is to experience Japanese youth, meaning I try to be like Japanese youth of my age, doing what they do? I was really getting no where until today, I bought my cell phone!? It was so much cheaper than I expected so I am happy, however I still don’t have a phone number / email address because I am under 20 and I need an adult to guarantee for me so tomorrow I’ll go ask my boss at my work place.

When I know my number / email feel free to flood me with emails, because apparently emailing on this thing is unlimited!

This is the Softbank 705Px made for PREPAID cellphones only, I bought it at Family Mart, some konbini store, I was pretty surprised since even SoftBank locations don’t carry it.

This phone by Japanese cell phone standards is pretty before millennium I feel, it only has a 2MB pixel camera, although TWO CAMERAS! wOAH for video phone, and TV and internet and what not. But, it’s screen is smaller than the usual ones I’ve seen but seriously it’s more high tech than anything I’ve seen in Vancouver.

Soon I’ll be on my way to emailing mad fast like Hachi (If you don’t know who Hachi is, shame on you). I think I’ll be getting the full youth experience lol…

Yes okay, other pix, my new favorite tshirt because people stare at me with it, I wonder why, I get a lot of nasty looks from older folks. TEHEHE.

This was peculiar…


not so bitter anymore
May 16, 2008, 9:47 pm
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Today is a good day because i have internet on my own computer. That’s why it is a good day.

The place i went to buy the adapter thing is called JOSHIN It was actually pretty close to the apartment but since I walked in the complete opposite direction yesterday there was no way that I could have found it.


I was pretty surprised because I went to the store last night. The adapter cost 850 yen. And the salesman guy was very serious about it, kept exclaiming that it doesnt change the voltage of the item. And kept asking me (well not me) whether if i am sure my laptop has the right voltage. And I kept saying yes it does since I used it at Tokyo Narita Airport. I felt like he didnt wanna sell the thing to me. It was weird. Anyways, he then went on and on about how maybe Narita airport has built in voltage adapters in their walls. So I just came home last night with no adapter. But i checked it again this morning and its fine. Obviously since I’m using it now.

I am just surprised how much effort they put into a sale, even if it’s very small. Even though if they dont sell the item they still hope u find what u need? It feels kind of weird haha.

At Joshin, they sell phones from Docomo, Kddi, Softbank and some other ones. I like softbank the best.

I also took this job search magazine. there are a lot of jobs, too bad none of them said, not required to speak fluent japanese. haha.

What I had for dinner last night. Obviously I didn’t make it. My cousin did, it’s a Croquette? I’ve seen it in dramas and anime, LOL, but yeah. For some reason I always thought it was chicken on the inside. Mine was either yam or potatos.

Sapporo brand beer and Peach cocktail. I like sapporo, I only had it once in Los Angeles. But I remembered that I liked it.

Calpris water here is cheap, i think it’s like 6 dollars back home, this giant bottle is 198 yen. About 2 dollars.

My cousins computer. It’s NEC. But apparently everyones computers look like this. And you can watch TV on it. Like it literally acts as a TV. But this thing doesnt get a lot of channels because my cousin doesnt have cable or something because she doesnt watch TV. She streams on line like the rest of us who dont live in Japan. ..

What else did I find out yesterday. Oh yeah, when you go outside, walk on the damn left side. I think people were pissed on some streets because I kept walking on the right. MEH! But uh yeah do that when you’re in Japan.

And people here dont really download music. they go to CD rental shops and rent them then rip them onto their ipod/mp3. that’s so weird! Dont you think that’s weird, that’s weird right..

And in every store, they all ask me if I have a Point Card. I don’t. But I guess collecting points is a big fad. .. What do the points even do?