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Family Matters
July 10, 2008, 6:45 am
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I don’t really remember how it happened but I tutor a high school student named Yusuke for 2 hours a week. I get paid the same amount I get paid scrubbing dishes. Today was the first session. I agreed to go because I get to make a tiny bit more money and they will give me dinner! so it’s win-win! And I get to see a real Japanese home.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at their living room was their HUGE ASS 80+ inch LCD TV. I have NEVER seen such a huge LCD TV. Like seriously, what the hell! I think the biggest we had in Vancouver was like 60 inch? Or the 72 inch in the Sony Store that no one could afford. this thing was insanely big and just took over a wall. They were watching volleyball tournaments but it was S~WE~ET! The next thing I noticed was the stack and stack of ayumi hamasaki and koda kumi DVDs. It ranged from every Arena tour and single CD / DVDs. I guess now I know how much money ayumi makes. I was trying to make conversation with yusuke so I asked him, “so you must like ayu a lot eh?” And then he said, “oh those are all my dads.” His dad seems like a nice man~~ with Erika Fujisawa wallpapers and were listening to Utada Hikaru’s “HEART STATION” album the whole time he was working on architecture drawings. I see that in Japan, J-pop is for EVERYONE.

So I don’t really teach the kid anything, the goal of me being there was just to speak english, and talk with him to get his conversational skills up. Which was hard because he didn’t like to talk, at least not to me. I tried asking him so many questions, but it failed again and again. the only thing that he likes is soccer, and everything that he does is revolved around soccer.

it was hard because the only thing that I knew about soccer was David Beckham and that was related to Posh Spice. I tried my best, but I think he was remotely interested when I brought up some soccer stuff..

But, their TV, it’s a work of art.

AND! they had their own beer tap at home! HOLY ! I want my own beer tap!!!

It was good, except I didn’t get to eat that much, because the whole time I was trying to talk to him and eat. It was really hard T_T

and then we had super super rich chocolate cake, which was even too rich for me. I wanted to throw up half way with black coffee. If you know me, you’d know that I don’t drink coffee that much, i pop caffeine pills if the occassion calls for it. But, I chugged it down because it would be rude to refuse. I have a huge headache…



500 CC
June 17, 2008, 6:44 am
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there’s a bookstore near my house, across from the 7-11 that I frequent. it is a used bookstore that sells manga and CDs. Yesterday on the way to the supermarket to buy beer and chips (essential food staples of the -need to pass time-) I spontaneously bought volume 15 – 17 of Lovely Complex. I am now only missing volume 1. I have the rest of the volumes in Chinese though. It’s kind of weird, but at least my collection or as soon will be complete?

The cover of volume 15, the mangaka deliberately drew Risa to look like Ema Fujisawa!!!! The actress that played Risa in the live-action version of the manga. The manga were extremely cheap and good quality, the stickers were still there! My taiwan version of the manga, around volume 6, the stickers stopped coming, I thought the mangaka started to cheap out and not include them, but actually the tw version started to be cheap and not include them.

I love the bookstore very much and today I bought Utada Hikaru’s 2nd album, Distance for only 500 yen!? And it was like newww! It’s kind of like a treasure hunt because there are so many random albums there. Distance is my favorite hikki album thus far.

I once read somewhere, perhaps on wikipedia? That the First Love album sold so much because of the super high quality glossy paper that they used to print the album booklet or something, holy crap, it Is super glossy?! I’ve never had such glossy booklet paper? I listened to the album on my laptop, I couldn’t tell the difference, hopefully when I go home and try it on my CD player the difference will be magnitudes.


I am enjoying the 2nd hand bookstore very much, I remember there being one near my university that sold hard to find biographies that we needed to write out papers with. But I dont remember going in once. I remembered buying it new at the bookstore then returning it … because I need 1 quote and the book was not at the library and $100. Sorry…

So are there used book stores near you?

I also realized that when people blog, it tend to be about one thing, such as, peppers, or cat-store? or MSG4. But I always write about whatever I want in a ramble about nothing, well my life, but yeah.

So far living on my own for 1 month had lead me to savor the large variety of instant, microwavable (although they have this awesome oven thingy that is kind of like a microwave) foods. But look!? I made chicken and stir-fry cabbage that my mom use to make, but hers tasted better, duh.

The chicken was pre-soaked in whatever, I just had to fry it in a pan. Although that may seem like nothing, it was a BIG deal to me. And I am getting better at not cutting my hand. Win-win.

My boss mama-san asked me to go play at the store, because they were making ume-shu. It’s plum wine? But it needs to be soaked for 6 months. Too bad I won’t get to taste it. Annnnd! WE also made the new sign for the store. I drew the chicken in the corner.

Finished product!

And i got this, but I dont know how to eat it..

500 CC! Upgrade size of beer here. Very important since I can’t sleep at night / in the morning because my cousin is talking on the phone / waking up super early to do laundry, maybe this will knock me out of tonight! Please do… I can’t take another night of 2 am and still chatting on the phone, SIGH!

June 2, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Last night was the welcome and good bye party at Kushitaro~ Welcoming me, and saying good bye to Oni-san. DO YOU SEE ME?!

It was fun, and we had Korean styled BBQ? Although it wasn’t really, it was suppose to be like teppanyanki? I had lots of delicious wine and Chu-HI LOL~~ I didn’t take pictures of the food because I felt way too fob. LOLLLSORRRYPEEEPSSS!

Also they kept asking me who I think is the best looking. So I took a picture, so please rate LOL.

1. Takepi 2. Nishikawa 3. Arita 4. Ryohei 5. Fujimoto 6. My boss aka Master-san

Okay I dont have much else to say, except that it was fun and I had fun ~~

Er and I got my first envelope full of cash, 9600 yen! For 12 hours YESS WHAT CAN I BUY WITH IT HMM

May 20, 2008, 7:04 am
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OMG , all my hard work in writing that blog entry, disappeared for some reason. Even though I have lots of things to write. I am so lazy right now so only pictures. But I feel compelled to share with everyone that I found a part time job. LOL, yes even a gaijin like me can find a part time job.

Best possible combination.

I MADE THIS! with katsu-don from the supermarket, and ramen seasoning and ramen lol.

More pictures of the neighborhood.

CUTEE DOGG!!! Man, it was so lazyy lying there all day.

my n00b japanese resume which landed me a job here www.kushitaro.com

and for which i bought a dictionary for.

LoL thought this was funny so I bought it.

also discovered the holy land of MUJI.