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May 28, 2008, 10:18 pm
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Just chilling at home, watching Ugly Betty, random Taiwanese dramas and HOUSE. For that one episode when House’s leg was fine, for some reason I was kind of bored..

My stomach medicine, due to lack of pepto-bismol, just bought what the pharmacist recommended. Seems generic enough. Tiny tiny tiny bottle.

For the past 2 days, I’ve had nothing but congee, and bread, at least I pulled out my wallet and went to the bakery to buy some what fresh bread, the bakery’s tiny and it’s called LONDO BELL, I think maybe it’s suppose to say London Bell. But they already printed their plastic bags.

So Jen said instant spaghetti should be good. It’s pretty cheap, a bag like this is about 138 yen and very fast to cook. I couldn’t find the mama brand.

Finished product, looks nothing like the picture eh, that’s what I thought. But it tastes alright, but MAMA brand is no Chef Boyardee.

This was one of the breads I had last night. I didnt know it was filled with custard, but it still tasted pretty good, else I would be throwing up all over the place now. Okay, this is an important message, so listen up closely, the cheeks and nose on this dude is BAKED ON! Like, it wasn’t made separately then stuck on! How did they get the burned color? Now this dessert item was probably designed towards children, suggesting it is okay to be eating peoples faces. My wit is lagging due to sickness. . . .

Ai Otsuka on July (HOLYCRAP JULY, it’s end of May now) SOUP.

I’ll try to start going outside soon … Got work tomorrow!


May 27, 2008, 9:24 pm
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this is how much i miss canada, and I’m sick so I’m drinking ginger ale…

walking till I die
May 22, 2008, 5:50 am
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Okay, god bless google, without google, where would i be?! But yeah anyways.

Everyone in Japan rides these, in China as well. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

can you see me? I love these mirrors! they are pretty useful because the roads are so narrow.

Osaka Stussy. I realized I was in beast territory when I started seeing people wear Nudies.

It’s not Japan without A bathing Ape. i looked too much like a hobo to go in. It’s designed like a bathroom? LOL, white tiled walls.

And it’s not Japan with out Sanrio store.

Lots of Pachinko places around.

Comme Des Garcons for you big spenders. There was a wallet that I really liked ; ^ ; EXPENSIVE!!!



I’m not a huge fan of Hysteric Glamor, but I thought someone might be?

er, eye candy break?

I want a bike like this.

everyone takes pictures of this thing, I dont know why.

heres a bunch of people taking pics of nothing really.

What else did I see, Lowrys Farm, supreme, Agnes B. and etc etc. I walked around so much it’s bloody insane. My converse are still in good shape but my feet may not be.

it’s time to rob a bank, thanks.

May 20, 2008, 7:04 am
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OMG , all my hard work in writing that blog entry, disappeared for some reason. Even though I have lots of things to write. I am so lazy right now so only pictures. But I feel compelled to share with everyone that I found a part time job. LOL, yes even a gaijin like me can find a part time job.

Best possible combination.

I MADE THIS! with katsu-don from the supermarket, and ramen seasoning and ramen lol.

More pictures of the neighborhood.

CUTEE DOGG!!! Man, it was so lazyy lying there all day.

my n00b japanese resume which landed me a job here www.kushitaro.com

and for which i bought a dictionary for.

LoL thought this was funny so I bought it.

also discovered the holy land of MUJI.

So much walking
May 18, 2008, 5:33 am
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Today I finally got a chance to go into the city. I always had assumed that Osaka is Osaka the city. Apparently Osaka is also like a state. And there are various small cities in it. Today I got to go to Osaka city. Like NYC in NY. Kind of. I was so confused for so long. The reason for going into the city was to go to stupid Gap for the job thing. So I work at Banana Republic in Canada. And my manager was so enthusiastic talking about working at the Gap in Japan. I felt really mis-treated today. So I had called in this morning and then the manager was apparently in a meeting so they wanted to call me back which was fine. But maybe 3 hours went by and there was not a phone call. So I decided to go down there with my cousin, but of course my cousin ditched me for her friend and left me, which was fine. I’m not complaining I’m just saying since we dont really get along @__@. So yeah. I went down to the store and I talked to some random staff and they were like, oh wait please. So I waited probably at least 45 minutes to hear that the manager isn’t in, would I like to talk to another manager. So of course I said yes. So there’s more waiting. Me and my North American ways of being impatient, was of course getting increasingly impatient. And then someone came to talk to me. The sad thing was, I saw that person talking casually with another work staff. It was really inconsiderate of them. The manager that was working there, which I wish I got the name of, was kind of mocking me. We talked for a while, but she had no signs of wanting to give me an interview or just make me go home. So I just said it’s fine, I dont mind if you dont end up hiring me.

But yeah, so all she said was in the end, I’ll take your number and she will call me. Which means, she won’t.

Okay, pictures time! Hey look, that guy that was in many dramas lol..

What I had for dinner last night. Niku – udon. It was 540 yen. So about $5.50.

A takoyaki stand! There was a long line, so naturally I got in the line.

A closer look.

Final product! 6 for 320 yen.

Went to Uniqlo to pick up some tshirts. I got lost, then I asked some random lady carrying a UNIQLO bag.

Sorry my face looks swollen for some reason.

Instant curry, 88 yen. Heat up with rice and eat!

Final product!

not so bitter anymore
May 16, 2008, 9:47 pm
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Today is a good day because i have internet on my own computer. That’s why it is a good day.

The place i went to buy the adapter thing is called JOSHIN It was actually pretty close to the apartment but since I walked in the complete opposite direction yesterday there was no way that I could have found it.


I was pretty surprised because I went to the store last night. The adapter cost 850 yen. And the salesman guy was very serious about it, kept exclaiming that it doesnt change the voltage of the item. And kept asking me (well not me) whether if i am sure my laptop has the right voltage. And I kept saying yes it does since I used it at Tokyo Narita Airport. I felt like he didnt wanna sell the thing to me. It was weird. Anyways, he then went on and on about how maybe Narita airport has built in voltage adapters in their walls. So I just came home last night with no adapter. But i checked it again this morning and its fine. Obviously since I’m using it now.

I am just surprised how much effort they put into a sale, even if it’s very small. Even though if they dont sell the item they still hope u find what u need? It feels kind of weird haha.

At Joshin, they sell phones from Docomo, Kddi, Softbank and some other ones. I like softbank the best.

I also took this job search magazine. there are a lot of jobs, too bad none of them said, not required to speak fluent japanese. haha.

What I had for dinner last night. Obviously I didn’t make it. My cousin did, it’s a Croquette? I’ve seen it in dramas and anime, LOL, but yeah. For some reason I always thought it was chicken on the inside. Mine was either yam or potatos.

Sapporo brand beer and Peach cocktail. I like sapporo, I only had it once in Los Angeles. But I remembered that I liked it.

Calpris water here is cheap, i think it’s like 6 dollars back home, this giant bottle is 198 yen. About 2 dollars.

My cousins computer. It’s NEC. But apparently everyones computers look like this. And you can watch TV on it. Like it literally acts as a TV. But this thing doesnt get a lot of channels because my cousin doesnt have cable or something because she doesnt watch TV. She streams on line like the rest of us who dont live in Japan. ..

What else did I find out yesterday. Oh yeah, when you go outside, walk on the damn left side. I think people were pissed on some streets because I kept walking on the right. MEH! But uh yeah do that when you’re in Japan.

And people here dont really download music. they go to CD rental shops and rent them then rip them onto their ipod/mp3. that’s so weird! Dont you think that’s weird, that’s weird right..

And in every store, they all ask me if I have a Point Card. I don’t. But I guess collecting points is a big fad. .. What do the points even do?

May 15, 2008, 5:40 pm
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hey! i’ve landed

it was hell getting from the airport to back home. i took so many different trains and had to climb up and down with suitcase! i wonder how i will last when i am leaving.

which i am thinking about.

for some reason, it’s not nearly as fun as i thought it’d be.

but it’s only one day right.

but i think im mostly angry / frustrated because my net doesnt work here so im on my cousins computer which has very weird keys.

and their electricity plug thing is only 2 pronged i need to go buy a 3 pronged one for my laptop.

but yeah.. i’ll stick it out for a bit longer.

but if it’s really really not that great. im gonna pack up and go home.

lol~~ sorry im such a wuss.